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Helpful Hints for Landing Pages that Convert

It is very easy for the uninitiated to view a high-converting, professional landing page and not understand what is going on. Add to that the fact that it isn’t a good idea to just copy everything that is out there. The real reason that copying isn’t all that effective has quite a lot to do with the fact that there are big differences between audiences and markets. Those landing page designers already know what to do, when it should be done and for whom it should be done. Those things are incredibly important and learning is the best way to help yourself get the same results the pros get.There is a huge difference between the landing page and a regular website page that is also your site’s home page. That difference is not hard to discern when you consider what is going on. It’s true that both situations will have purposes of their own and the landing page is a lot more immediate. This is the page that will offer you the most desired response that you’re hoping to get from your visitors. When you have that kind of situation, then the whole dynamic changes which better change the way you approach things. You’ll have a different way of looking at things when you’re working on your page and you’ll be using the standard design tools much differently.Maybe you’ve been having your meals handed to you as you work to find a more effective landing page and to build your mailing list. This is fine because you’ve been learning some valuable lessons even if it has been done the hard way. It’s important that you keep learning and putting in some new approaches.

A landing page copy and design that could work well in one niche might not work as well in another. It’s important to recognize that a major part of your success with this specific sort of page comes from doing some testing. Oftentimes you have to find the sweet spot that really does exist in your audience.There are a few simple truths about what makes a landing page convert–think about it for a few minutes and you’ll see that this is true. All landing pages are made up of all of the same basic components: words and images. What you have to figure out, with some help, is how you combine those two elements in the right way. You need to touch on your readers’ emotions; get to their hearts and souls as well as you can. It’s important not to confuse that as something that is deceptive because it is not the same thing at all. Try to remember that buying decisions are solely emotionally based and that you are selling something with your own. You have to figure out what your audience finds the most important and how to combine that with those two important elements to better “speak” with the people who read you.If you’re involved in any kind of marketing, one of the most important skills you can acquire is copywriting. You do not have to become a copywriter in order to greatly benefit from what it can teach you. Many marketers, for example, must write landing pages at one time or another, and this is an area that definitely makes use of copywriting skills. Copywriting skills are also relevant when you write emails, pay-per-click ads, and even blog posts. There are many places you can go to learn more about copywriting, though you should be certain that it’s being taught by someone with real authority in this field.

It’s important to put yourself in the mind of your reader–there’s quite a lot going on there. Your site’s visitor will have read the whole page and attempted to take it all in. They’re going to be worried about whether or not they’re doing the right thing plus a lot more. If your landing page is linked to any kind of offer, like an affiliate based offer, you’ll need to both restate and emphasize just how much value the offer has. So the person clicks on your landing page’s link and what you can do is have it take them to a page that starts with a list. This list needs to reaffirm how much value can be gained from the offer. A simple bullet list of benefits, properly worded, will help to add clarity and positive feelings.There are so many different design approaches to take to a landing page. From those that are busy and beautiful to the most spartan of designs. We’ve noticed that lots of landing pages that are built for Internet marketers are more of the latter. Maybe this approach is so popular because the audience and the market already understand the game and they only want the important information. It might be interesting to note that the landing pages that are designed for niches that aren’t IM often tend to be exactly the opposite. There is one thing that is absolutely true: you don’t want to make your page so busily designed that it completely detracts from the message that you’re trying to convey.Most of the call-to-action-centric copy out there is direct, compelling and gets right to the point. Try testing a call to action that is less direct and commanding.

There are quite a lot of people out there who are no longer appreciative of being commanded to do a certain thing a certain way at a certain time. It’s better to have your call to action include words like “like” “try” and “learn more”, etc. “Download!” or “Download Now!” has the opportunity to really turn people off but “Learn More!” will feel far less in your face. But remember to avoid words that could be confusing or too vague.Trust and feeling secure is what matters the most to every single person on the Internet. Since billions of dollars have been spent online over the years, some very large amount of lost revenue happened due to a lack of trust. It’s important that the people who visit your landing page trust you and there are a few different ways to accomplish that. When you have testimonials, put them up on your site and if you’ve got legitimate symbols of trust and icons and that is really great. If you have been awarded any real or legitimate awards, that’s really great too.Landing pages must accomplish their task -of motivating visitors to stay on the site- in mere seconds, before the visitor decides to click away forever. This means that you have to make a good impression on the visitor immediately. When someone decides to exit your page, this can be for many possible reasons. However, your landing page headline is one of those things that can surely impact that decision. Rather than trying to be unique or outrageous in your headline, you’re better off using the direct approach. You don’t want visitors to read your headline and not have any idea of what you’re trying to say. Think more about the graphics you use for your buttons on your landing page. It makes sense to want them to stand out and easily get noticed–it helps to reinforce the actions you want them to take. Try working in buttons that aren’t the typical colors, sizes or shapes. Always test everything you do in this regard, and you can use the A/B split test method for that. You know how important location is with real estate, and the same applies to web pages. Typically, however, buttons, lead generation forms and opt-in boxes are on the right hand sides of the pages.

You need to find and compose the best and most effective clinching message for your opt-in box. You need to think about what is going on for someone when they are just on the cusp of deciding whether or not to buy something that they want. A good sales person will know just what to say to move that person in the right direction. The situation on a landing page is similar because nobody who lacks interest actually visits a landing page. Then there’s just the matter of saying what the very experienced and skilled sales people would say. Read the words written above the opt-in boxes on most of the landing pages that you find and you will see what others are doing for their clincher messages.

One thing that you need to make sure you avoid is placing unusual demands on the people who are visiting your landing page. Most Internet Marketers know that they need to be careful about the questions that get asked of their future subscribers. It is possible, however, to find forms that look like what you’d fill out when you’re applying for a loan or an abbreviated loan form.

The point here is that your conversions are going to drop like a dead weight if you ask too many questions in your forms. The exact same considerations are going to apply to your copy too and you don’t want to fill your readers’ minds with too many things to think about. You need to remember to keep the overall idea of your landing page as focused as humanly possible.

The landing page has quite a lot going on and in quite a small space when you compare it to your site. All the same, it’s got the huge responsibility of bringing fresh leads in for your business purposes. So keep in mind that everything must be very tightly focused on your core message. There is really no reason to have extensive navigation, though, because you just want them to complete your call to action. Depending on your chosen niche, it’s important to figure out how much copy is appropriate. But even with non-internet marketing related niches, you do want to keep the copy very tight.One copywriting device you are more apt to see in a landing page is the bullet point. You know, those short paragraphs or even one-liners preceded by an actual bullet point or appropriate cool little graphic. You should avoid trying to be too creative when it comes to the actual image used for the bullet point, as you want people to focus on the information, not on clever graphics. One benefit of bullet points is that they’re good for getting past any likely objections the reader might have to your presentation. Whether or not you use them to address objections will depend on the particular page you’re designing, but they should always refer to critical issues. This is a proven tool to make your landing page easier to read and to highlight the most important points.

You know that the “stay or leave” decisions can occur in a split second for new visitors and that’s why it’s a good idea to get a good feel about your site before you allow it to be live. Practice going to the website as many times as you need to and see what kind of initial reaction you have to it. Seriously, do this at least a dozen times and attempt to get as much emotional distance from the pages you’ve created. It’s helpful to ask the people you already know for help with these kinds of tests. Ask them to share their initial impressions are, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative as well as whatever feedback they feel like giving you.Take a departure from the usual approach in sales copy and in other places on your site. Typically you’ll only use copy (aka words) to share your marketing and informative messages. Sadly, on the landing page, there isn’t really enough space or time for this. Landing pages are more meant to be sweet and abbreviated. So then what you will do is to make the whole thing mainly visual. It’s possible to imply all sorts of things with images; there’s no reason to think that you need to rely totally on copy. Humans are very visually oriented, and men are more visual than women. No matter what, when you select your graphics and imagery well, you can create a very powerful and compelling message.All landing pages basically have one purpose in mind, and the exact purpose is not in question, here. Here is the real question: can you create a basic message that is unambiguous and cohesive as well. It’s important to actually think about your landing page, you want people to be able to take some specific action for it.

So when you look at it from that perspective what you’re doing is promoting something and that needs to be easy to understood by the person reading the page. Try to remember that your visitors are there of their own volition and that means that they need to have a least a little bit of interest in you.It’s vital that your landing page readers trust you, but you already know that. We’ve gone over some of the things you can do to help you with that. Of course, where you apply them is also going to affect your conversions. What you need to do is make sure that anything you are hoping to use to get people to trust you should be easily visible. Make sure they’re in the position often referred to as “eye level.” So, rather than using those testimonials at the bottom of your page, where they will feel like an after thought, put them higher up. “Above the fold” is where they belong but, at the same time, they shouldn’t feel annoying for the reader.Most likely, when you browse the web you don’t read pages from top to bottom, but skim them casually. This has become the usual practice when surfing on the internet, and most people do this. For this reason, an effective landing page has to be “skim friendly,” so people will feel comfortable when they see it. Disregard this advice at your own peril, as your visitors may leave your page without even knowing why it didn’t appeal to them. The path to righteousness in this area lies with creating white space. If you have (few) paragraphs, then do not make them more than about four sentences. Another practice to stay away from are sentences that are too long. You might think that there is way to much to learn about proper landing page design but the truth is that there is not. But we understand that it can feel differently. What’s really important is just throwing yourself into the educational process. You need to understand why things get done and this is the only way that you are going to know what to do for your audience.

There are so many important things that you need to master, not just for your own landing pages but for everything that you do in marketing. You’ll need to understand why something has been called in for a particular situation, like with your landing page. Because if that knowledge is not there, you aren’t going to know whether you’re just wasting your time and spinning your wheels.

Landing pages are so much more complicated than people realize and the newbie IMer typically don’t have a real clue. So then is it really a surprise when the newbie person’s landing page doesn’t perform optimally If you do not have a good and solid grasp on the inner natures of landing pages and how they work, you won’t ever get anywhere.

Fortunately, you can rectify all of that with earnest research and learning, and then implement a vigorous testing program.

We have given you quite a lot to think about in terms of your landing page and it’s design. You have two important things that can really help here. Of course, there is quite a lot that you can learn by studying landing pages, especially those that you like, that you know will be effective. Next, you always need to use the A/B split testing technique for testing out your landing pages. Simply put a URL rotator script into your page and then make one change at a time, making sure to test each change sufficiently.It’s hard to overstate how helpful it can be to master the art of designing landing pages. While the various marketing gurus release products on many topics, they don’t usually address this, at least in detail. Yet, there is some older yet still relevant information on landing pages circulating the internet. There are quite a few ways to make your landing pages more compelling and profitable, and this is something well worth focusing on.

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