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How to be More Productive in IM – The Secrets to a Successful To-Do List

Raising your productivity is all about knowing how to be as organized as possible so that you can get more done during the day. Keep reading to find out how you can make the best to-do list possible for increasing your productivity.

Get the Worst Done First: One of the biggest challenges that you face when working with a to-do list is actually taking action.

You can get distracted a lot more easily when you don’t focus your attention on taking real and consistent action and that means that you’re more likely to leave a bunch of items unfinished on your to-do list. Zeal for success and a high level of motivation are essential if you want to be able to combat this issue. The best way to find this motivation is to work through the hardest things on your list first. That’s right: list them at the top of your list and then tackle them as soon as you start your day. Because you will have lots of energy and your productivity is at it’s peak during this time the difficult task won’t seem so difficult. Knowing that you’ve already finished the worst stuff helps you feel a lot better and that can give you the motivation you need to work through the rest of the items on your list.

Be Realistic: When you are writing out your to-do list each day don’t be unrealistic because when you include to many things on the list that you might not have time to accomplish, it can work against your enthusiasm and productivity. You really don’t need to be constantly leaving your to-do list half finished and feel like you’re setting up unrealistic expectations. This only succeeds in getting you off track and making it much harder to finish your to-do list each day. The first thing you need to do is look at how much you need to accomplish, then how much you can actually do in a day and then add that much to your list. Then, because you will honestly be accomplishing your tasks, you’ll have the clarity to continue moving forward with your projects.

All of the things you get to cross off of your list get you closer to your main objective and that is a powerful motivating tool.

Have a Separate Section to Write Down Your Ideas: It is not unheard of to get inspired while you work on completing your to-do list–some of the ideas you get can even come with urges to work on them right then.

However, you need to not give in here because this will take you away from your primary objective: finishing your to-do list. Instead, you should make a separate section in which you can jot down the ideas you come up with and any notes that may accompany them. You can easily see to these ideas and tasks later, after you have finished with your to-do list.

Once you start applying the tips that we discussed above you’ll come to realize that making your to-do list work is not just about taking action, but it’s also about organizing yourself the right way.

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