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The Samsung PN58c7000 3D Plasma HDTV – Features And Benefits

Are you looking for a new high-definition television Samsung has just come out with the Samsung PN58c7000 3D Plasma HDTV. This TV has a lot to offer! TVs have come a long way. In fact, not only are they in HD quality, but you can stream the Internet onto your television allowing you to watch different forms of entertainment and media all in one location. So let’s see if this Samsung HDTV is one that you should put on your list of possibilities.

One thing that 3D television manufacturers have not been able to do, despite all of the advances in technology, is eliminate the need for 3D glasses. Simply stated, 3D is not viewable with regular vision, thereby necessitating a pair of glasses for the viewer to engage in what is being presented. What is even more disturbing is the fact that not all 3D companies produce 3D TVs that are compatible with one another, specifically in regard to the glasses.

There is a high-tech timing issue, specifically in regard to the right and left lenses, that must coordinate with the 3D technology that uses liquid crystal shutters to accentuate the 3-D effect. Observers watching the screen will only see three-dimensional images being shown, completely oblivious to the process itself.

Most vendors that sell HDTV’s will offer them for a variety of prices. This is why you need to shop around before you buy one. Samsung also sells their HDTVs online as well as at regular stores. Samsung has a list of stores that sell their TVs. This way you can pick out what model you want and go pick it up. When looking for the lowest price, you might want to go to as they tend to have lower prices.

Prices for electronic devices are always changing, so there’s no way to predict who is going to give you the best price for a particular model at any given time. Make sure that you get a warranty and product support for your new TV. This is usually not a problem as long as you are interacting with a reputable retailer selling the televisions.

This television, though technologically advanced, has a few misconceptions about it that many people do not realize. Let us help you clear that up. The lifespan of the plasma TV is a misconception that many people have. Many believe that they only last one or two years making it a poor investment for the money. Plasma TVs, actually, do not have a short lifespan. Plasma TVs have chemicals in them called phosphors. This is what makes all of the very bright colors. Samsung has found a way to keep them functional for many years to come. If a human had a TV on for hours a day, for their entire life each and every day, this would be the equivalent of how long a Samsung plasma TV will last – this comes out to about 100,000 hours!

The Samsung PN58c7000 3D Plasma HDTV has many things to recommend it, as well as a couple of reasons why you might hesitate before choosing it. If you’re looking for a high end HDTV, Samsung is the recognized leader in this area. We still recommend, regardless of what we have stated, that you do your own research on HDTVs before making your final purchase.

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