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Power-Packed Functionality Of The Navman MY60T GPS

With so many GPS units on the market today, it might be easy to not notice the Navman MY60T GPS. Shopping today is not as easy as it once was because there are many more choices to select from, some of which may not be a good buy. Choosing the right one out of the many is a difficult task which requires using logic and sound judgment. Doing comparison shopping is never easy, and it is time-consuming which can become frustrating. Depending upon how long you will be using your GPS unit, and the exact specifications that you need, it should be easy to find one that is right for you. This process can actually go very smoothly if you understand why you want your GPS; this can make the purchase process so much easier.Are you looking for a new GPS If you are, the Navman MY60T GPS might be the right one for you. People choose to have a GPS unit in their car to make their driving experience much easier and so that they do not get lost in foreign areas. In that regard, it performs very well and even more so than other similar model category devices. The Navman MY60T GPS is different from similar models in that it uses a resistive touchscreen instead of a capacitance touchscreen. If auto dimming is something that you need with the GPS you will be happy to know that this unit has it. This is one of many features that some GPS units have that you will have to decide upon yourself.What we found interesting about the Navman MY60T GPS are some of the greater refinements they included in this series GPS. Later in this article we will discuss more about that. However it does make sense that they would do that. There are little things that GPS users can find annoying and they may have responded to the customer feedback about those.

It is hard we know for manufacturers to catch every little detail that might have been created to act more effectively. Taking the feedback from the customers under consideration can only be considered a smart move by the GPS maker.The Navman MY60T GPS fulfills what you would naturally expect from one of the leading companies in the GPS market. How much can actually be engineered into a GPS is something you probably understand if you have very much experience with these devices. Choosing a device really depends on personal preference and the finer details. The final choice for purchase is very often decided by individual preferences. Auto adjusting touchscreen dimmers are offered on some GPS units but not all of them. However, in a side by side comparison the differences in other features are not so apparent. The decision could easily be based on some feature that is easy to see like the lack of auto dimming. Let’s talk about the Navman MY60T GPS and see what may appeal to you.Lets look closely today at the versatile global position system of the Navman MY60T GPS. You will come across the normal standard and expected features as well as solid engineering. Why you want a GPS is something you really need to think about when you are in the market for a new one. Along with that, ask your self when you expect to use it the most. There are GPS units that can be used for driving as well as for hiking or walking around a city. So that the device can be used in different scenarios, the common design trend is to make them smaller. A good quality GPS nowadays will be able to handle both local as well as long-distance driving.

This GPS, the Navman MY60T GPS, gives you lifetime updates on traffic conditions as well as features that you will really appreciate. It is easy to use this GPS, making trip planning a breeze along with all of the other features and benefits that come along with it. If you find yourself in a small town and you do not know where you are, simply use the Advanced Lane and Landmark Guidance feature. Unless you already know where you are driving and where you want to go, then obviously that will not be needed. However anytime you are driving in territory with which you are not familiar, then such a feature will be greatly appreciated.Technological trends are the subject of many people that are into electronics. True to form, the Navman MY60T makes use of an increasingly more common trend involving intelligent electronics. This particular trend is leaning toward electronics that have the ability to learn now and in the future. MY Drive is a feature that is on this GPS that learns your particular driving habits that you do everyday. Obviously, other GPS units already have this type of technology installed. Integration of your routes into the software allows the GPS unit to find more convenient and suitable ways for you to drive from point A to point B.Some different and interesting engineering design changes in the features and functions have happened and we want to discuss them now. The MY60T has made some improvements that are along the lines of more user friendly features. For example, one area is when one drives through a school zone.

Many GPS units will alert you to that fact, but they will do it in the middle of the night when it is not necessary. Traffic signs will only assign a lower speed limit during the applicable hours or when children are present. However, this unit only issues an alert during the normal hours of the day when school is in session. There are other kinds of alerts including one where it gives a spoken warning if there is a traffic camera at an intersection.Where you are located when you plan to use the GPS is something that needs to be thought about. There are parts of the world that are in vast remote areas which haven’t been mapped into the GPS database, although the users in most of the countries won’t find that an issue. The GPS will probably not work as well in that kind of remote area. One such country in which that is a real concern is Australia due to the large expansive areas that are truly remote. You will be able to see the major and other primary routes on the MY60T. Even though there are local secondary routes, they haven’t been mapped yet so they won’t appear on the GPS.There is a heavy use of the capacitive touchscreens among some manufacturers. The preferred screen for the Navman MY60T is a resistive touchscreen which is either 5 or 4.7 inches in size. The MY60T is very good for having a GPS screen that can be read in bright sunlight, which is a very important feature. Remember that the size of a screen is measured from diagonally from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner and the size of the MY60T should meet the needs of most users. The functions that you see on one GPS unit are more than likely found on another regardless of where you see them. The reason that they are similar is because they receive their information from almost identical databases. Basically, the only difference you will see is in the presentation or representation of the data that the unit received. Navman MY60T has evolved to some degree presenting verbal spoken messages about directional changes instead of a warning tone that used to be standard. Those are some of the types of features you should be on the look-out for during your GPS shopping.

Another feature that works very well with the learning algorithm used with MY Drive is the Smart Route software from SUNA Predictive. The database that is used is copyrighted, however, it is used by most GPS devices to access traffic data. One thing that is exciting to think about is how much more refined this type of information will become over time. GPS units work off of this historical norm to find new routes; if it is too confusing, the traffic situation you are in may not be resolvable. The impossibility of predicting strange occurrences while driving such as accidents makes it impossible for the GPS to always reroute and get you going again.

A standard feature included with many GPS devices these days is a lifetime subscription to traffic message databases. Of course this marketing move was made to influence buyers. On the other hand, not all units include that, and in such cases the customer has to pay additional for the database subscription.

Lifetime traffic alert package is something that is offered with the Navman MY60T unit, so you’ll want to consider that. Sometimes you might have to figure out another way home because of some problem that has bogged down traffic on your normal route, and that’s one way this utility will come in handy.

Similar to other models, with the Navman MY60T you can start some operations simply by touch the map displayed on the screen. You’ll be able to make changes to almost anything you might need after you do that. When you tap the screen it gives you a menu and you can find more detailed information about your location. Of course it has the zooming feature which allows you zoom in to get better view of your location. All that needs to be done then is the entering of any new destinations if you need to.It has become apparent that peoples behavior has become more impatient especially as it pertains to the Internet. While we are not so concerned with that, that may have an impact on how people perceive the speed of operation for anything. For example, many GPS units will not have a uniform speed at which certain functions can be performed. Slower speeds is something that does happen during certain times during operations where the Navman MY60T is required to pull in all new data. Some people have criticized that, but the same thing can be seen in other GPS brands. So do not be so quick to judge this when you encounter it and pay attention to the overall speed of any GPS device.

There are good and bad aspects related to the Navman MY60T. While we have generally talked about the solid features in this unit, one possible drawback for some users is the lack of Bluetooth capability. Those that have Bluetooth already will probably not be concerned that it is also not on their GPS unit. If you do get a GPS device, you simply need to pick one with the features that you are most likely to use. Do your due diligence, and find the GPS that you want before ordering.Although the Navman MY60T has unique features, there are many that are similar to other competing products. For instance, there is an in-vehicle GPS unit charger, and the mounting capability is of the wide-screen variety. This GPS also comes with preloaded software and also has a DVD to load the NavDesk software component as well. Once the box arrives with all your components, you can set up immediately and start using the GPS unit. It is easy to operate this device, although there is a little downtime as you learn how to navigate on the touchscreen. Regardless of how long it takes, it will be fun to learn how to use this exciting and useful gadget.Other various features include doing a keyword search for a generic type of business such as a gas station or anything else. If you are in a town or city unfamiliar to you, then all you have to do is type in something like, grocery store, and you will receive directions to the closest store. Using landmarks in 3D format is another easy to read and useful feature.

You have probably noticed that different brands offer similar features and this is true of this MY60T feature as well. The main purpose for offering the 3D views is because they are easier to identify and absorb when driving and you can’t take your eyes off the road for very long.Of course its simple to save the battery charge by switching it to off mode. In our opinion, it seems the start-up mode takes a little longer than we like. Actually though, it only takes less than a minute to get it from start to navigation ready. It has been noticed that during certain times, the Navman MY60T is noticeably slower. If you are trying to bring up an operation that is loaded with graphics, it can take a bit of longer to come up. If you are driving in an urban area and entering an area with a lot of traffic, that could certainly be an issue. Having the required mode already in place to lessen the inconvenience is something an alert driver would have done.Opening the main menu when the power is applied is seen universally in GPS devices as well as many other kinds of electronics. With the MY60T physical menu select button, it is easier to return to the main menu if you need to when you have navigated away from it. You will be able to start any operation you need quickly with the appropriate icons on the main menu. There is a feature offered that when you press the button will tell you where you are at the moment. From there you can get to your current navigation operation which will tell you where you are going as well as other places you have input. Navman MY60T is an excellent GPS product that may satisfy everyone who gets it. One difficulty is that if you live in a rural area, it might not be able to help you find alternate ways to get to your destination. If you live in a large urban area, then the MY60T could be a drawback as it has a tendency to rely on primary routes.

Similar to a plug-and-play device, the Navman MY60T GPS follows the same philosophy. Basically, everything is built-in to the Navman MY60T GPS; you don’t have to mess around with hardware or software which can be difficult at times.

A definite selling point of the Navman MY60T GPS is that it is one of the smaller devices on the market. In fact, the latest ongoing trend in consumer electronics is the slim and sleek designs. In the marketplace, the ease of carrying the device is a selling point to both genders.

Of all the devices on the market, the Navman MY60T GPS isn’t the fanciest. We don’t think that should discourage anyone from taking a close look at this unit. Some buyers will only consider items with the latest bells and whistles, and that is alright too.The Navman MY60T GPS includes the latest technological design features which makes it a very versatile and functional device. As you decide what to purchase, the fact that Navman is known for its reliable design manufacturing should be taken into consideration.

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