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Figuring Out Where Your Landing Pages Power Is

It is really easy for those not in the know to look at the professional and highly converting landing pages and not understand what all is at play. Plus, it is never merely enough, or recommended, to just copy or emulate what is there. The reason that copying isn’t typically the best idea has a lot to do with the differences that exist in audiences and markets. The designers of those landing pages already know what to do, whom to do it for and when it needs to be done. Those concerns are what makes the difference, and the only way for you to get the same kind of results with your landing pages is to learn.There is a world of difference between the landing page and a regular site page which includes the usual home page. It isn’t hard to figure out what’s what when you consider what is going on with those pages. Even though both situations have their own purposes, landing pages present more immediate needs. This is the page that will help you get the response that you really desire to have fulfilled by your visitors. This means that, in this situation, there are specific dynamics at play which can have an affect on the way that you approach things. Your current frame of mind is going to be different when you are designing your page and you’ll be using all of the standard design tools in a different fashion.Perhaps you have been getting your lunch handed to you as you’ve been trying to find a really effective landing page and building your email lists. This is fine because you’ve been learning some valuable lessons even if it has been done the hard way. What you have to make sure that you are doing is learning and putting new approaches into play.

A landing page design, with copy, that works well for one market may be less effective with others. Also, try to remember that a huge amount of the success you get with this specific kind of website comes from real testing. Oftentimes you have to find the sweet spot that really does exist in your audience.When you actually stop to think about what actually affects the ability of a landing page to convert, you uncover a lot of basic truths. All landing pages are made up of all of the same basic components: words and images. What you need to figure out–and you might need a little bit of help–is how to better combine these two elements properly. It’s important to touch people emotionally–get to their hearts and souls. Don’t confuse that with being deceptive; it is totally different. Remember that every single purchasing decision is emotionally based and you are using yours to sell something. You have to figure out what your audience finds the most important and how to combine that with those two important elements to better “speak” with the people who read you.If you have never studied copywriting before, then it is time to do so at your earliest convenience. You do not have to become a copywriter in order to greatly benefit from what it can teach you. Many of the elements you need to create good landing pages, from the headline to the formatting of the paragraphs to bulleted lists are familiar to copywriters. Copywriting skills are also relevant when you write emails, pay-per-click ads, and even blog posts. While it takes some effort to learn to be a good copywriter, you can make faster progress if you find a good program, book or course written created by an expert.

Try to figure out what your reader is thinking; there’s lots going on right there. The reader has read the whole page and is trying to figure it all out. There will be doubts and hopes they are doing the right thing plus much more. If your landing page is linked to any sort of offer, like an affiliate offer, then you need to restate and emphasize how much value there is in what you are offering. So when the person clicks on the link that sits on your landing page you can send them to another page that has a list at the top of it. This list needs to reaffirm how much value can be gained from the offer. A quick and simple bullet list of benefits, when worded properly, can add the right amount of clarity and positive feelings that are needed.You are going to find a huge variety of design approaches when it comes to your landing page. Page designs range from the crowded, the artful and all the way to the most spartan of page designs. We’ve noticed that lots of landing pages that are built for Internet marketers are more of the latter. Maybe this approach is so popular because the audience and the market already understand the game and they only want the important information. Interestingly, landing pages designed for non IM-specific niches trend toward the exact opposite. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to make a page that is so busy you get distracted from your message.For the most part, the Internet based call to action copy is compelling, gets to the point and is very straightforward. It’s important to test calls to action that isn’t as direct or as compelling.

There are quite a lot of people out there who are no longer appreciative of being commanded to do a certain thing a certain way at a certain time. A better way to call people to action is by using specific words like “trying” “learning more”, etc. “Download” or “Download Now!” can put people off, but “Learn More” seems less in your face. Still, work hard not to use words that might be confusing or too vague.There is one thing that every Internet user values over everything else and that is their sense of trust and feeling secure. Over the years, billions of dollars have been spent online and any lost revenue has been lost due to there not being enough trust. Find a way to let your landing page visitors trust you, and there are several methods to do that. If you have testimonials, then use them; if you have legitimate trust symbols/icons then that is great. If you have been awarded any real or legitimate awards, that’s really great too.Internet users often browse hundreds of sites per day, which means you have an extremely short window of opportunity to capture their attention if you want them to spend any time on your site. That’s the cold, hard truth of the matter, and you simply have to face this. It’s hard to even calculate all of the factors that come into play regarding this decision. The first thing that most visitors will notice on your landing page is your headline, which makes this perhaps the single most critical factor of all. So, always be direct in any headline you write and avoid being cute, artsy or collegiate. A good headline quickly tells the visitor what the page is about, and doesn’t create confusion. Put some thought into the graphics that you use for your landing page. Obviously you are going to want them to stand out and be noticed–it helps to reinforce the action you’re trying to get them to take. For example, test out using buttons that are not the usual shapes, sizes or colors. Always test everything you do in this regard, and you can use the A/B split test method for that. You know how, in real estate, location is everything–well, the same thing is true online. It is important to note, however, that most buttons and opt-in and lead generation forms are on the right hand sides of the pages.

You need to figure out the best message that will be as effective as possible for your opt-in box. Try to figure out what happens when a person wants to buy and is just on the brink of making that final decision. A great sales person is going to know exactly what needs to be said to give that potential buyer the final push to get him or her moving in the right direction. There is almost an identical situation with the landing page because the visitor would not be there if there was no interest at all. From there it is just a matter of saying what a very experienced and professional sales person would say. Look just over the top of the opt-in box on most landing pages and you will see the clincher messages others have used.

One thing that you really need to avoid is putting weird demands on the people reading your landing page. Most Internet Marketers know that they need to be careful about the questions that get asked of their future subscribers. It is possible, however, to find forms that look like what you’d fill out when you’re applying for a loan or an abbreviated loan form.

The point is your conversions will drop like a lead weight if you ask too many questions in a form. The same consideration applies to your copy, as well, and you do not want to fill the reader’s mind with too much to think about. Remember to keep the overall gist of your landing page very focused.

Your landing page has got so much going on in such a small space, especially when compared to the rest of your website. It still lends an awesome air of responsibility to get you so many fresh leads for your business. It’s important to make sure that every single thing be absolutely focused on the heart of your message. You don’t need to have lots of complicated navigation, however, because the truth is that what you want the most is for the reader to complete your call to action. Depending on your chosen niche, it’s important to figure out how much copy is appropriate. But even with non-internet marketing related niches, you do want to keep the copy very tight.You’ve certainly seen bullet points before -and they’re probably on the majority of landing pages. This refers to information being divided into small sections, with little “bullets,” dots, stars or other images coming before each point. One thing to keep in mind here is not to try to get to artistic with the actual bullet points, as larger images can clutter up your page. Readers will naturally have a certain resistance to being sold anything, and bullet points are a good place to address their objections and questions. Whether or not you use them to address objections will depend on the particular page you’re designing, but they should always refer to critical issues. This helps you to communicate your message more effectively and keeping your readers’ attention.

Since you know that stay or leave decisions can occur in a split second for new visitors, you want to get a feel for your site before making it live. Visit the site a bunch of times and take note of your initial reaction to it for every visit. Do this at least twelve times and try to get some emotional distance from the landing page that you have created. You can help yourself out quite a lot by also asking the people that you know for assistance with this sort of test. Ask them for their initial reactions–regardless of whether they’re positive or negative–and for any feedback they’d like to share with you.Take a departure from the usual approach in sales copy and in other places on your site. Typically you’ll only use copy (aka words) to share your marketing and informative messages. Sadly, on the landing page, there isn’t really enough space or time for this. Landing pages are more meant to be sweet and abbreviated. In this situation it’s more important to make things mostly visual. It’s possible to imply all sorts of things with images; there’s no reason to think that you need to rely totally on copy. Humans, by nature, are visually oriented and men are more visual creatures than women. It doesn’t really matter who is more visual because when you have a clever selection of graphics and compelling imagery you can tell quite a good story.Every landing page has the same end goal and the exact purpose isn’t in question here. What you need to question is whether or not you have a cohesive message that isn’t easily confused. Think about what you are doing with your landing page, you want people to take some very specific action.

So when you are viewing things from this perspective, you’re just promoting something–something that needs to be clear and understood pretty easily by your readers. Try to remember that your visitors are there of their own volition and that means that they need to have a least a little bit of interest in you.You already know just how important it is to get people who read your landing page to trust you. We’ve explored some devices and different elements to help that happen. Your conversions, however, will also be greatly affected by just how you use those things. What you need to do is make sure that anything you are hoping to use to get people to trust you should be easily visible. This means they need to be at “eye level.” So, rather than using those testimonials at the bottom of your page, where they will feel like an after thought, put them higher up. “Above the fold” is where they belong but, at the same time, they shouldn’t feel annoying for the reader.In all likelihood, you don’t often read every word of most web pages, but instead scan them. Don’t be concerned about this, because this is the typical way people access information on the internet. A good landing page, therefore, should be created with this principle in mind, making it easy for people to skim the content the way they want. Your landing page has little chance of converting effectively if you ignore this fact. If you want to be sure that your landing page measures up in this way, we have two words you should memorize -”white space.” If you have long paragraphs, break them up into shorter ones. A landing page is also no place for compound sentences that have semicolons or colons. You might feel like you have too much to learn about creating excellent landing page designs, but you really don’t. But we understand that it can feel differently. What’s most important is that you just throw yourself into learning how things work. You must understand why things are done, and that is the only way you will know what to do for your audience.

There is so much to wrap your head around, not just in terms of creating good landing pages but for everything involved in marketing. You have to understand and know why something is called for in a particular situation such as the landing page. This is what will help you make sure that you aren’t just wasting your time or spinning your wheels.

There is so much more to the landing page than people think there is and the new online marketer usually doesn’t understand or accept that. There aren’t any surprises, then, when landing pages don’t do what they want them to do and aren’t able to perform the tasks the owners want them to perform. If you haven’t gotten a solid grasp on the unique nature of landing pages and the dynamics that are involved there all you can do is shoot into the dark.

The good news is that you can counteract all of that with good research and learning and put in a good testing program.

We have given you a lot to consider and think about with your landing page design. There are two important things that will really help you with this. First, study the landing pages you find the most appealing and learn from them. Next, always test your landing pages using the A/B split testing method. Simply install a URL rotator script and then make one change at a time and test them.The design of your landing page is a critical element, so studying this matter can be very helpful. Actually, we have not really seen a high quality product on the subject in a very long time. Yet, there is some older yet still relevant information on landing pages circulating the internet. Hopefully, this article will have sparked your interest in looking for ways that you can improve your landing pages.

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