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There Are Good Things About The ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 And Also Bad

There are many desktop computers available today. Is the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 something that might be useful for you This is a computer that won’t put as large a dent in your budget as many others. Although price is important, it is also important to look at the benefits of owning a computer that’s new. In the paragraphs that follow, you will read about the ASUS Essentio and why it might be the next computer that you purchase.

Interacting with the wide range of multimedia content available today is something that can put great demands on your personal computers. If you take a look at the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08, you will see that you will get a lot of benefits including fast loading time, vivid images, all possible because of a good graphics card and fast processor. This makes it a fine computer on which to load and edit your photos or videos and then share them on social networks.

The ability to browse different websites, in view most any type of content (images, videos,etc.) is possible with this PC. The only people who might be disappointed with the capabilities of the ASUS Essentio are those who run high end applications such as games, flight simulators, architectural software or other programs that require 3D. Considered by most experts, even consumers that actually use the program, to be one of the best versions of Windows, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium comes with the ASUS Essentio. When you are surfing the web, you can download entertaining things to use later using the built-in Windows Media Center that comes with the computer. You might be a little disappointed that you will not be able to use WiFi with the ASUS Essentio. WiFi access is something that many people need to have with their computer. Usually, however, people like to use this with a laptop. The ASUS Essentio does not give you this option at all.

The ASUS Essentio was designed to be environmentally friendly as well as economical for users to run. Some components of the computer can be very loud, like the fan or the hard drive. Depending upon what application you’re running with this PC, the ASUS Essentio has an adjustable fan that cools the CPU working only is hard as it must.

You won’t even hear the fan when it is running something that requires very little CPU usage. No energy is wasted! It has EPU energy-saving technology built right in that helps your computer operate as efficiently as possible. The environment, as long as your power bill, will thank you later!

As far as ideal desktops go, the ASUS Essentio CM1630-08 might be the one you’re looking for. So if you don’t want to spend too much money on your next PC, and you’re not going to be running too many high-tech programs, it will probably work for your needs. We’ve looked at some of the benefits and limitations of the ASUS Essentio, and it’s up to you to decide if this computer is the right one for you.

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